Nov 29-30, 2019

Timișoara Workshops on Research Methods


Iulia Cioroianu is a Prize Fellow in the Institute for Policy Research at the University of Bath. Before joining the IPR, she was a research fellow in the Q-Step Centre for Quantitative Social Sciences at the University of Exeter, and a pre-doctoral fellow in the LSE Department of Methodology. Iulia studies the effects of social media and online information exposure on political competition and polarization, using natural language processing, quantitative text analysis, machine learning and survey experiments. In her address she will provide an overview of the ways in which various methods (web scraping, social media data collection, storage and processing, keyword and dictionary methods, cosine similarity, supervised classification and topic modelling) were combined in a large-scale research project, focusing on online information exposure over the course of the Brexit Referendum campaign.


Zoltán Fazekas is Associate Professor of Business and Politics, with focus on quantitative methods in the Department of International Economics, Government and Business at the Copenhagen Business School. His research is broadly at the intersection of political psychology, political communication, and comparative politics. He studies political attitude formation, the role and content of political coverage, and the interaction between political elites and the public. Zoltán’s methodological interests and expertise lie in hierarchical modeling, quantitative text analysis, and computational tools for social sciences. In his key-note address,  Zoltán will transit from sentiment analysis and topic models to word embeddings. He will exemplify this approach with an analysis of Brexit-related news coverage. 


Daniela Crăciun is a lecturer at Bard College Berlin (Germany). She earned a PhD in Political Science from Central European University (Hungary) with a thesis in which she used computer assisted text analysis on a large body of national higher education internationalization strategies from around the world. Daniela’s teaching and research interests lie in the area of public policy, specifically higher education policy.  Additionally, she is interested in issues of research design, conceptualization and content analysis. Recently, Daniela has been a visiting scholar doing research or teaching at the University of Yangon (Myanmar), the Federal University of Sao Carlos (Brazil), and the Center for International Higher Education at Boston College (USA). Her postdoctoral research explores issues of graduate employability.


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